Marginalia Search Engine Software Documentation

This is the documentation for the Marginalia Search Engine Software. The software is licensed under AGPL, and can be used to run an internet search engine.

The Marginalia Search Engine Software is an Internet search engine. This is to be understood as different from a general-purpose document search engine like elasticsearch or mellisearch. An Internet search engine makes different assumptions about the nature of the data being indexded, and different concessions about performance and scaling.

The Marginalia search engine is integrated with a crawler, and is designed to be used as a search engine for the internet, and is relatively poorly suited for use as a document search engine.

The software is simultaneously the backing sofware for the Marginalia Search project, but can also been run in a barebones mode for use as a search engine backend for other projects.

Last updated on 17 Jan 2024
Published on 17 Jan 2024