Marginalia Search Engine Software Documentation

3.1 Node Configuration

Under Nodes -> Node N -> Configuration, you will find a list of configuration options that can be set for each node.

Node Configuration
Node Configuration Dialog

Accept Queries

This option toggles whether the query service will route queries to this node. This is useful if you want to take a node out of rotation for some reason.

Keep WARC files during crawling

If this option is enabled, the WARC files be compacted into common-crawl style indexed WARC files. The persisted WARC files are kept in a directory warc/ under the crawl file storage. If this option is disabled, the WARC files will be deleted after the crawl is complete.

Clean Automatically

With this option enabled, the system will automatically remove processed data after it’s loaded, when loading automatically. This is a good option to have enabled for a node that deals with crawled data, as it will save disk space (or manual labor deleting the files).