Marginalia Search Engine Software Documentation

Migration, 2024-03+

After the end of February 2023, the project uses zookeeper for service discovery and migrates to a new docker build system. This is a fairly large change, and requires a few manual migration steps to keep using an existing installation.

Easy way:

Do a clean install somewhere and copy the docker-compose.yml and env/service.env to your existing install.

Hard way:

  1. Add a zookeeper service to the docker-compose file.
    image: zookeeper
    container_name: "zookeeper"
    restart: always
      - ""
      - wmsa
  1. In the docker-compose file, add an item zookeeper to the depends_on for x-svc, x-p1 (and x-p2 if exists). (this is strictly speaking not necessary, but if you don’t do this you’ll encounter a period of transient connection issues every time you restart the system.)

  2. In the docker-compose file, remove any health checks from x-svc, x-p1 (and x-p2 if exists).

  3. In the docker-compose file, find and remove any blocks that look like this:

          condition: service_healthy
  1. In env/service.env: Add a line ZOOKEEPER_HOSTS="zookeeper:2181"

  2. In env/service.env: Rename JAVA_OPTS to JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS.